Brustpanzer Bauer Supreme One 7 Junior

Brustpanzer Bauer Supreme One 7 Junior Brustpanzer Bauer Supreme One 7 Junior Brustpanzer Bauer Supreme One 7 Junior

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Brustpanzer Bauer Supreme One.7 Junior

The Bauer Supreme ONE.7 chest & arm protector is based off of a very popular design from years past (the Supreme One95), but it features design adjustments to meet the requirements of the beginning to intermediate level goaltender.

For starters, the ONE.7 features larger, wide, segmented HD foam shoulder floaters that give the goalie a wide shoulder profile in the net.  Additional shoulder caps sit below the main floaters for added protection.  Between the shoulder floaters sits a HD foam reinforced sternum protector to provide extra protection to this sensitive area. 

The belly padding consists of HD foam blockers which are segmented near the waist to allow the goalie to bend forward without pushing the entire unit up towards the neck.  The foam blocks are also angled so that the unit can flex naturally with the goalie's waist and body.  The belly padding also features Bauer's popular Adjustable Belly System (ABS) - removeable pad extensions that can be customized to lengthen the belly padding by up to 3 inches.

The arm construction is made using pre-molded HD foams for superior impact protection.  The arm padding is tapered to fit nicely inside the goalie gloves, and plastic / soft foam liner elbow caps provide excellent protection.  The arm are adjustable in length to allow the goalie go customize the fit based on his / her needs.  This "Arm Adjust" system, along with the ABS, are great features for growing goalies as they help extend the life of the pad as the goalie grows.

  • Square profile shoulder floaters
  • ABS:  Adjustable Belly System with removeable extensions
  • Arm Adjust:  adjustable arm length
  • Plastic elbow caps

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Frage zum Produkt

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