Hose Reebok 16K Senior L navy

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Hose Reebok 16 K

The Reebok 16K Player Pants are constructed with 440D 

nylon with key stretch areas to provide you with a streamlined fit and great comfort.  The ventilation will also keep you dryer throughout gameplay.

The JDP hip caps protect you from speeding shots by dispersing the energy of impacts away from your fragile hip joints.  Molded PE kidney protection and a floating molded spine protector keep you mobile and versatile while the segmented foam and molded PE inserts in your lower back keep you protected from slashes and hacks.

With an easy-to-use hidden length adjusting zipper under the padded belt to give you an extra inch in length if needed, the 16K Player Pants fit any player's needs for a comfortable and safe pair of pants.

  • A strong choice - not the top end - not the low end
  • Perfectly positioned for performance and value
  • Nylon construction along with vented stretch areas allow this pant to breathe and move with you 
  • Reinforced protection at the hips, kidney, spine and thighs make this a solid choice

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